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member_46183112Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Kitchen in APT A201. I’m Paula, and I love to cook! I knew these words would come out of my mouth one day, but I wasn’t sure when or how long it would take me. Growing up in a somewhat traditional African house my mom had me and my sister in the kitchen with her whenever she cooked. I guess we were future wives in training. My sister was amazing at it, and picked up the skill pretty fast. I on the other hand was not that lucky. For one I was extremely insecure in kitchen. I was a tomboy, lefty and extremely clumsy. I wasn’t supposed to handle glasses because I always dropped them. To give you an idea of my skills at that time, my father (and I) love the burned bottom of rice when it’s cooked in a pot. I would always burn rice, and not on purpose; so when it was time to make rice my father would specially request that I make it. And that my friends, was my specialty and I was proud of that.

Fast forward to life after college and cooking was still not something I loved to do, but at least I didn’t hate it either. I still loved food, and loved to eat; those skills, I was born with. Quick and easy meals were the only thing I cooked; plus I only cooked for myself. It wasn’t until I had a steady job, a bit more money, and more time on my hands that I developed an interest in spending more time in the kitchen. To make a long story short, now I can’t stay out of the kitchen, I want to experiment with everything, and I want to cook for everyone. Well as long as it’s a small group. Come to think of it now I believe that I was just so insecure about my cooking skills that it kept me out of the kitchen.

Fast forward six month from writing the text above, and I am now on a journey to minimize my life and streamline my budget.  I want to use more products from the earth our good God has made. I want to eat and live greener. I’m not exactly sure where to start, bu I guess that’s why I’m starting this journal.

This is my personal cooking blog to share my adventures in the kitchen of apartment A201 which is my condo; share my food related thoughts and ideas, and the food scene in this city I grew to love: Baltimore. I love to cook with fresh ingredients and spices, and try my hardest not to use anything canned or packaged.

This is my personal blog in which I would tell my adventures that will take place in the kitchen in apartment A201. Adventures that will not be limited to food, but include cleaning products, hair products and all those wonderful kumbaya greenish concoctions.

Wish me luck!


Some of the food related topics I’d like to share are the two below.

Food inspired by other cultures – Having lived in so many different places around the World, it’s not surprise that I have a slight obsessions and curiosity when it comes to specific cuisines.

Cooking or Baking for one – I’ single with no kids, and it’s important to know how to cook for one. Have you ever wanted to bake, but couldn’t because it was just you? Do you bake and have a piece and let the rest go to waste, or do you eat it all? I’m not happy with either options.  Also it reduces waste and promotes portion control.


More about me…

What is my favorite meal of the day?

Breakfast or brunch on the weekend only, because for me it is the whole experience of platting the food, sitting down on the couch in front of a good cartoon. Then go for a second serving.

What do I look for in food?

Condiments and herbs because there are what gives food flavor, and flavor is everything; it’s what makes the food tastes good. I love to experiment with one herb or ingredient in a week or with different recipes just to see the effect or how it changes the taste of the food. Also a natural non chemically taste.

What is my favorite food?

I don’t really have one, because there are so many good things to eat out there, but if I had to choose I’ll go with eggs just because it’s easy and fast to make and it takes up a lot of flavors for cheap.

What food do I always have in your kitchen?

Eggs, onions, garlic, ketchup (yes ketchup), tomatoes. Honestly it really boils down to simple quick condiments and ingredients I can use to make a delicious omelet.

What is a food turn off?

The chemically taste and feel in process and can foods or ingredients. I can easily taste it, feel it and smell it, and for me it ruins everything. My tongue cannot tolerate slimy texture. My mouth cannot operate properly if the food has that strong pork smell, no matter how good it taste. I also have a problem with extremely rich dessert. I love dessert don’t get me wrong but a rich dessert takes away the experience of enjoying it. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s too heavy in my mouth, or I’m more focus on the calories per spoonful, or it takes more work to chew.

Do you have any questions for me? If yes then send me an email at paula (at)