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Home Made Christmas Tree 2017

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Christmas used to be my favorite holiday, and it still is. It’s just that I don’t believe in the commercial Christmas anymore, and it’s been hard for me, and I’m weaning myself off of it. The compromise is that I decided to keep it simple last year, and use it as an opportunity to flex my crafting skills because it’s been a while. For Christmas 2017 I concocted a little something. Here is my thought process:

  • The dowel rods: I have had these rods sitting around from an idea I had 4 years ago that never materialized. The goal was to spend as little money as possible, and I don’t think I achieved that goal because I had to spend on decorations specifically for that unconventional tree. 
  • How can I use the rods?: I originally wanted to get a large piece of plywood and use that as a backdrop, but we don’t have space to store after the holiday, I would have hated to just through it away. The solution I chose was to use 3M hooks. I didn’t mind any damage to the wall since we are planning on painting the walls.
  • Decorating the rods: Decorating the rods wasn’t a problem, but I though it would be a problem for the lights to stay on them. So I decided to double the rods up by gluing 2 two rods together.

I had to improvise a lot along the way, with every problem I encountered, but I won’t bore you with that, and I’ll go straight to the materials.

  1.  I got the dowel rods from Amazon.
  2. I glued 2 rods together at a time. I used Gorilla Wood glue.
  3. Wait for the glue to dry.
  4. Paint the rods green. I used sample wall paint because art supplies are a lot more expensive. I got one sample of Glidden Premium interior Paint+ Primer; DEPP FOREST PINE from Home Depot and that did the job. It didn’t cost me more than $4.00 and I didn’t even use half of it.
  5. Once the paint dried, I took each pair of rod and put glue on one side, then sprinkled glitter on it. I got the Pesto color Extra Fine Glitter from Recollection from Michael’s. Once the glue dried on that side I did the same thing on the other side. That’s when I found out that I didn’t need to be so detailed and peculiar about the glitter covering every millimeter of the rod. The green paint provided a great cover.
  6. In the meantime I measured the hook placements on the wall. Buying them on the Walmart website for pick up was by far the  cheapest option.
  7. Once all the glue dried with the glitter stuck on the rods, and hooks were places, I simply placed the rods on the hooks.
  8. Once the rods were on the hooks, I added the lights. I got the lights and batteries from Amazon. That’s when I found out that I didn’t really to glue the rods together because I ended up wrapping the lights around them.
  9. I added the “star” and wrapped the lights around it as well.
  10. The last step was to add ornaments, which I got from Michael’s using a lot of coupons.
  11. I used a couch cushion as the trunk 🙂

This is the progress and the end result.


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