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January 2018



Another Hiatus?!

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Here I am again… back from another hiatus. Sight. Here is a recap of what’s been happening.
From Boston…. I got the roommate from hell who did the following:
– Falsely called the cops on my boyfriend lying that he was intimidating her and she felt threatened. We were both in front of her when she called. She called after she was following us around in the house throwing racial slurs at us. Sight….

  • Falsified a police report saying I assaulted her. I have the so called assault on video. The cops saw it and said there was no assault. In the video you see her following me around and being in my personal space.
  • Calling 911 lying and saying “There is a big black man threatening me” about my fiance at the time, when she was the harassing us and throwing racial slurs at us. She called 911 once my fiance took his phone out to record her harassing us.
  • Putting cat’s urine on my food and on the kitchen counters.
  • Putting cat feces on the bathroom counter in an attempt to intimidate me or whatever her goal was
  • Taking my clothes out of the dryer, putting them in the bathtub and putting used cat’s urine pad on top of them and running hot water on that.
  • Putting snot filled tissues in my food.
  • Did I mention racial slurs?

So obviously this girl has no problem lying to the police or 911. So guys make sure you have her sign a consent form.

All this and somehow miss Nasty/Cruella felt entitled. Oh and I have ALL of that on pictures and videos.

I did lose the 20 pounds, then gained it back and more.
I did save money.
I have NOT been eating better or greener – Duh, obviously since I’ve gained more than 20 pounds.

I got engaged, moved back to Baltimore, and got married. To the best man EVER!!! I’m so lucky!
I got a GREAT job in Baltimore, and thank God it wasn’t a huge hustle. I’m so thankful for that.
I tell you God’s has been pouring those blessings into my life. I’m very happy.

Where am I now?
I felt great about the end of 2017, and I feel great about 2018. My goals are pretty much going to be the same, but with a few more. I started indoor winter gardening on December 11, and it’s going so well, so far. I haven’t gardened in a long time because of that stupid roommate from hell, and I really missed it, and I didn’t want to wait until spring.
For the first time I am starting from scratch. I really really like it, and I really really love my plants, my babies (I talk to them…ha ha ha, never thought I’ll be one of those). I’ll go into that in more details later. My point here is that it’s contributing to my happiness, because it’s something that I love doing.
I spend a LOT of time cooking. Trying new things, experimenting, making up my own recipes. And I LOVE IT! Hubby hubby definitely benefits from that. I want to go somewhere with this. More details on my kitchen exploits later. My kitchen is my playground.
I’ve started to get back into crafting. I made our Christmas tree. And it’s awesome! More on that later too. I do want to get back into jewelry making, and see where that goes.

All that’s missing is working out again.


And Happy New Year to All of YOU!!!!

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