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December 2015



Welcome to Russo’s

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Since moving I’ve pretty much done the easiest thing when it comes to grocery shopping; going to the closest grocery store. In my area there is Stars market and Hannaford, which are both big brands. Last week I did some research and discovered Russo’s, a family own market in Watertown that has been operating for over 75 years. Russo’s offers a variety and diversity of fresh products. On the outside you are welcomed with a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Once inside you have an even bigger selection of vegetables, condiments, spices. You’ll find local eggs, local milk, dairy, poultry, imported and domestic cheese, a bakery, a delicatessen, a florist, as well as specialty foods from around the world. I was most impressed by the pasta section. The variety of fresh pastas are handmade that morning and sold by the pound. At this time of the year they also have a huge variety of Christmas trees and holiday greens. So much that I thought it was a Christmas Tree store and not Russo’s when I pulled in the parking lot.

I’m happy I found a local market. I’m happy my money is going towards supporting my community. I’m looking forward to developing a relationship with Russo’s, its employees and I’m looking forward to discovering my local farmers and providers through them.


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