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May 2015



Pink and Flowery Valentine’s day Brunch 2015

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It all started with the heart with the big pink heart you see on the wall. Sometimes I paint, but I prefer acrylic. I once took a watercolor class many many years ago, and I simply did not like watercolor. However I still have a bunch of watercolor paint tube. So I decided to make a big heart with coffee filters tainted colored water (mixed in with watercolor). The big mistake I made with this sculpture was to cut the heart out after it was done. If you want to attempt this make sure you cut out the heart before you start gluing the filters.

After the heart I thought, ooh, I haven’t made crepes in a while, I should make a crepes cake, and then ooh, I should make this and that, and before I knew it I had a whole brunch planned out.

This is what we have for the decoration:

1 –  Heart sculpture made of coffee filters

2 – Flowers in mason jar made of the same coffee filters

3 – The cheapest coffee beans purchased at Walmart

4 – Gold metallic paint to spray the coffee beans with: Hobby Lobby

5 – Wooden fork and knife

6 -Chevron ribon and pink Ribbon: Hobby Lobby

7 – Flowers: Hobby Lobby

 8 – Plastic ornaments balls with glitter inside

For the sculpture make sure you cut out the shape first. The flowers in the mason jar were pretty easy to make. I followed the instructions at UCreate. I soaked them in water color filled water. I took this watercolor class years ago, and don’t like working with them, I prefer acrylic. So the paint tubes have been sitting in my home collecting dust for at least a decade. So I thought why not use them in this project. It was perfect. Aunt Peaches has a few different ways to create coffee filter flowers. It was a bit too much work for me, but they are all gorgeous.

The coffee beans were spray painted gold. I used them to hide the skinny floral stem. Next time I’m going to add a scent in the water and eventually have a bouquet in each room in t he apartment.


 This is what we have for the food:

 1 –  Mill Crepes (recipe coming soon)

2 – Beet Orange juice (This is amazingly delicious!)

3 – Shirred Eggs with Spinach (I didn’t add the bread crumbs)

4 – Good old bacon (Bacon is already packed with fat, so I always just let it cook or sautee in its own fat. No added butter or oil)


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