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May 2015



My Patio Garden – My babies are growing so fast

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It’s been 2 weeks now and my babies are so grown! The parsley is doing very well, and so is the chives. The tomatoes are starting to grow (super grin). The kale is growing well too but I fee like it should be bushier. I’ve never grown Kale before so I’m not sure what to expect. I guess I’ll have to do more research on that. 2 out of the 4 onions are doing amazing, but nothing is happening with the other 2. I’m not sure why. I felt liek the soil was over hydrated so I haven’t given it any water in a day. I had extra mini Spring onion, and instead of buying new planters I decided to use some of the many empty water bottles.

Check out where and how it all started.


The new onions


Look at how big the kale is 🙂

 IMG_20150510_091146_hdr IMG_20150510_091137_hdr

My onions 🙂


Can you see the small green tomatoes and the other yellow flowers 🙂

 IMG_20150510_091053_hdr IMG_20150510_091112_hdr

   IMG_20150426_152927_hdr IMG_20150510_091017_hdr

Before (4/26) and after (5/09)

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