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May 2015



My Adventure At Barnes & Noble Owings Mills

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Gosh I cannot remember when was the last time I went to a Barnes & Noble. When people still purchased CDs I used to go in their music section and listen to the music samples. That’s how I discovered Ceu. One of the best artist I’ve heard. Some of my best CDs  I got through that process. I guess it was the Starbucks before Starbucks. The atmosphere and environment contributed enormously to the visits.

Anyways I decided to take a trip there to read my book Twenties Girls by Sophie Kinsella. By the way I am proud of myself because I didn’t get any Starbucks. I was disciplined :). I did purchase the Nikon D5100 for Dummies for $30.00, which I am returning now because Amazon has it for $23.15. You know what scratch that, I’ll get the kindle version for $16.49.

Moving on. On the inexpensive shelves area at the entrance were some interesting books. On the right there were coloring books. I was really tempted to get one (My will to not buy anything was still strong at that moment since I had just stepped into the store). See that week I stumbled upon a Facebook post talking about adult coloring books, and the comments were filled with people posting their creations, and I thought about all the times I wanted to do some coloring but shied away from it because “coloring was for kids, not adult”. Now I feel silly, and I m deciding to add the coloring book to my budget. If you want to give it a try before committing to a whole book you can print out patterns at Coloring pages for adults, Lee Hansen Design, or Buzzle. If you want to purchase an entire book you can check out your options here.

By the way here is a great guide on starting a coloring club.

adult coloringPicture from Buzzfeed

adult coloringPicture from The Guardian

adult coloringPicture from Slate

On the other side of the left side of the shelf sat 2 very interesting books; The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies, and Salt, Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda. You could easily see how I rushed to try to pick them up. However I realized that I already have the Visual Reference Guides on Herbal Remedies, and I could find everything about Salt, Lemons and vinegar on the Internet. Soooo I stopped myself and let my eyes enjoy the beautiful covers.



Eventually I made it inside, found a small table and started reading my book. oh and I also purchased the Dummies book for my camera, but I’m returning it.

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