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May 2015



German Apple Pancakes A La Madeleine

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So I made these wonderful pancake treats over the weekend.

The recipe is the German Apple Pancake recipe, however I wanted to try different flavors, and I wanted to be able to bring them to work so that I wouldn’t have to eat all of them. Hmmm, maybe next time I can work on figuring out the recipe for one. These little things you see below are filled with diced apples, and they are pairs of 3 different flavors. One is ginger, another is orange and the last one is ginger, orange and cinnamon. They all turned out to be delicious but my favorite was the orange flavored one.  I thought the ginger in the ginger ones was not as defined, so next time I’ll add more.

Six was more than enough which means that they were filling. This experiment gave me a aha moment. Using Madeleine mold is such a neat easy way to control your portions. Plus it makes it easy to grab one or two on the go. I can totally see it being used for muffins, cupcakes, egg dishes, or anything that goes in the oven.

I obviously didn’t us a pan, I just stuck them directly in the oven, and that made them feel more like mini cakes than pancakes, but it didn’t affect the flavor at all so it’s all good.

The whipped cream is whipped heavy cream with a little bit of sugar.

You can get the recipe here with the changes below

1 – Cut the apples into tiny cubes

2 – Instead of  sprinkling the apples with the cinnamon, add your special ingredient. Taste and make sure you are happy with the taste.

3 – Butter the molds

4 – Pour the batter in the mold and stuck it in the oven.


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