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May 2015



A Great, Cheap, Alternative To A Wedding Cake

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We all know that the wedding industry is a multi-billion industry. From the proposal all the way to the honeymoon, the whole journey can easily bankrupt you if you are not careful. I tend to view all the separate parts that make up the wedding industry as piranhas or parasites holding on tight to your limbs never wanting to let go. Or more like this guy.


I’ve been at wedding where the cake I received didn’t match up the cake the bride and broom cut for themselves, and I always wondered about that. I’ve never planned a wedding so I don’t know all the details.  i stumbled upon this wedding cake service, and  i thought it was brilliant and an excellent way to save money on the wedding cake.

After years of making wedding cakes for friends and family Liz Pietila decided to make a business out of it. But not any regular old Wedding cake business, pshhh that’s too boring. No, no, no, she created Ultimate Fake Cakes. Yup, fake wedding cakes. Ultimate Fake Cakes offers a variety of foams for wedding and any kind of parties. The idea is that the fake cake is for show while a more affordable regular cake is actually being served. They are some extremely good regular cakes out there! What about the cake cutting part of the ceremony you ask? Well you’ll have to options. One, the top layer of the cake can be a real cake. That will also allow the bride and groom to do the whole I put my cake in your mouth, you put your in my mouth thing. Two, a slit can be placed in the cake to allow the knife to be inserted into the cake for pictures. I would so get an ultimate fake cake for my ceremony and serve the fraisier from Patisserie Poupon.

Now if only someone could come up with the same idea for the rest of the piranhas.

 Update: Well, well, a quick Google search for “fake wedding cake” reveals that this affair has been around for quite a while.

Fabulous and Faux Wedding Cake Creations has done some beautiful cakes. They also have a few for rent.


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