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April 2015



My Goals and Objectives

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Here is a brief explanation of the plan

Goal #1 – lose 20 pounds

I need to get back to my regular size. I already exercise a lot and I was blessed with the love of exercising – Thank God! So I really need to work on my diet and calorie intake, which is perfectly in line with my next goal – Living greener.

Goal #2 – Living greener

Eat simpler and more organic food. I’m not looking to banish anything from my diet. I want my consistent diet and food to be simple and produce sourced. However I would not declined the occasional chess men cookies or cafe twist from Trader Joe’s.

Grow my own herbs and vegetables. Starting with the things I cook the most with. My must haves. Parsley, onions, and tomatoes. Then move on to things I cook often, like Kale, arugula.

Use organic simpler home made products.

Goal #3 Save more money through goal #1 and #2

I’m hoping that the first 2 goals will lead to more saving.

All right let’s start this thing!

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